The fibre market is growing exponentially, but it takes more than a drill to succeed. Let Ditch Witch UK and Ireland be your fibre partner. We can provide the right equipment, free training, and ongoing service and support to keep you productive job after job.


The Ditch Witch VP30 vibratory plow is the ideal, cost-effective solution for residential fiber installation, cable and lawn irrigation in tight spaces. This compact powerhouse is equipped with a 31-hp (23-kw) engine, making it the most powerful unit in its size class. The VP30 is easy to use and low maintenance for enhanced productivity and increased uptime. Plus, the machine is equipped with heavy-duty, adjustable plow blades to meet fiber installation-depth requirements and improve longevity.

Ditch Witch VP30


When you find yourself in a tight space with a tight deadline, the JT5 is your HDD solution. Bury service cables & pipes, then head to the next job, no costly restoration of lawns, roads or pavements. All components of the rugged, efficient JT5 are part of a comprehensive drilling system designed to work together, so you can get big-time production from this little powerhouse.

Ditch Witch JT5


The new Ditch Witch JT10 horizontal directional drill, boasts unbeatable power in a compact, yet sturdy frame for easy transportation and improved maneuverability on tight jobsites. Powered by a Tier 4, 66-hp Deutz® diesel engine, the machine is the most powerful drill in its class. It offers 4,465kgs of pullback force, providing the advanced strength and power of bigger drills, combined with the simplicity and easy operation of a compact machine. An innovative design incorporates advanced features of larger drill machines, including a heavy-duty anchor system, open-top vise wrenches and integrated remote display. A redesigned operator's station smooths operation with a single joystick and is equipped with an ergonomic traversing seat for increased jobsite visibility and comfort on the job.

Ditch Witch JT10


The JT20 lets you do more so you can make more. With plenty of power packed into a compact size and new features like an easy-to-use carve mode and time-saving LCD display, the JT20 helps you work faster so you can tackle more jobs. More productivity. More profits. You asked for it. And you got it with the JT20.


The Ditch Witch JT25 is an exceptionally powerful and productive horizontal directional drill designed specifically for—and with input from—the utility contractor. It features an exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft·lb of torque and 12.050kgs of thrust and pull-back—just the ticket for utility backbone installs. But it’s not all power and brute force; the JT25 is one of the quietest and of one the most stable mid-size drills on the market. Which is good, because you and your JT25 are going to be working together a long, long time.


Our customers wanted more power to perform all functions at once. Both the JT30 and its counterpart, the JT30 All Terrain, are the most powerful and quietest drills in their class—by a long shot. And both are products of direct customer feedback from years of experience in all types of job conditions. While we'd like to take all the credit for every innovative feature, we can't. But we will take full credit for being responsive to our customers' needs.


Built from direct customer feedback and input, the Ditch Witch JT40 is a complete re-imagination of industry-leading horizontal directional drill (HDD) units. Designed with next-generation enhancements, the machine features several pending patents to optimize drilling productivity and operator comfort. The JT40 offers boosted power—20 more horsepower than some competitive models in its class—to maximize drilling performance. The compact, yet powerful machine reduces jobsite footprint and has increased pipe-rack capacity compared to previous models, for enhanced productivity. Additionally, the new machine boasts a premier operator interface and station for a more transparent view into all machine operations, improved operator comfort and enhanced operational control.


Optimised for industry-leading performance and productivity when drilling in hard rock conditions, the Ditch Witch AT40 All Terrain is designed with an advanced version of the proven Ditch Witch All Terrain drilling system. The updated, two-pipe system boosts power to the bit—33 percent more torque than the competition. The drill leverages the next-generation features of the JT40 model so you get increased jobsite cycle times, improved durability and greater control.


With the new Ditch Witch JT60 Directional Drill, you'll recognise many of the features you've grown to appreciate : the proven, intuitive electronics and the rugged, reliable undercarriage, to name two. In no time at all you'll appreciate the JT60's more powerful rotational torque, an 80% increase over its predecessor the JT40/20 and almost 27 Tonnes of Thrust and Pullback (50% increase). Its the powerful combination you needed, the combination you asked for, to work more efficiently with less downtime.


The Ditch Witch MT12 MicroTrencher offers underground contractors a highly cost-effective solution for installing fibre-optic cable along paved rights-of-way. Witch its unique saw blades, the MT12 cleanly slices through asphalt to create the ideal trench for this application in one quick, efficient pass. The MT12 is part of a complete microtrenching system, the components of which are all designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organisation to work together with unbeatable efficiency.


Versatility plus comfort equals productivity. As the most versatile member of the best-selling trencher family in the world, the Ditch Witch RT125 utility tractor can help you be more do more on every jobsite. A powerful and efficient 121-hp (90-kW) Tier 4 Deutz® diesel engine keeps the RT125 running strong all day long, while a wide range of attachments—trencher, plow, earth saw, backhoe, reel carrier, and trencher/plow combo—lets you tackle just about any job. It’s the go-to machine you’ll depend on.


By reclaiming, recycling and reusing drilling mud, you retian profits that others are literally throwing away. You'll profit even more with the Ditch Witch MR90, the most advanced, most productive mud recycler on the market. The MR90 can mix and recycle drilling mud as well as handle spoils, for exceptionally cost effective production. Among its many exclusively cost efficient features, it has a Two-screen system plus Six, 2.5" hydrocyclones produce extra clean mud for reuse and it’s the only mud recycler you can transport full of fluid.


Simply put, the FX30 is the quietest, most productive and most versatile Vacuum Excavation System on the market. It is equipped with a choice of 2 tank sizes, a lengthy list of standard features and more than enough water pressure and suction to perform a myriad of clean-up and soft excavation tasks.