Power Pipe (Unlined)


Manufactured exclusively by The Charles Machine Works, Inc., Ditch Witch Power Pipe ® is a high-strength, low-alloy steel pipe that provides maximum tensile strength. Our patented manufacturing process produces the straightest pipe in the business. Its expanded, exceptionally strong ends are formed without the heat of the forging process, leaving the integrity of the pipe intact and no strength reduction at the heat-affected zones.

Power Pipe (Lined)


Power Pipe is available with our patented Fluid Miser ® II lining. With Fluid Miser II inside each joint of pipe, drilling fluid volume is reduced by as much as 60 percent, allowing the drill string to pressure up faster and clean up quicker, which saves you time and money. Fluid Miser II also minimizes internal rust and reduces spillage during pipe breakout.

All Terrain Pipe


The patented shaft-within-a-pipe design of our All Terrain systems features a strong drive rod that turns inside an outer pipe. This enables All Terrain systems to transfer power to the cutting head more efficiently than any other system—and outperform all other rock systems in their horsepower class.

UFE Drill pipe


Ditch Witch UFE (Upset Forged End) pipe is a composite design with tubing and high-strength alloy ends, making the pipe and tool joints stronger and more resistant to abrasion. After forging, all Ditch Witch UFE pipes are fully heat-treated to eliminate any potential heat-affected zones.