JT30 All Terrain Directional Drills


When drilling solid rock, you need the rock-solid JT30 All Terrain Directional Drill. This HDD system is recognised as the industry leader when it comes to rock-based installations. Thanks to such innovations as an advanced dual-drill pipe system and a hydraulic heavy-duty anchor system, the 160hp JT30 All Terrain can steer, drill and backream through solid rock up to 300 metres in distance.

Basic Specifications

  • Engine: 160hp Cummins
  • Pullback: 13,390 kgs
  • Rotational Torque (Outer): 4,000ft/lbs
  • Rotational Torque (Inner): 800ft/lbs
  • Spindle Speed (Outer): 225rpm
  • Spindle Speed (Inner): 400rpm
  • Mud Pump: 50gpm @ 42 Viscocity
JT60 All Terrain Directional Drills


Every Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drill stands apart from competitors by virtue of its patented, two-pipe All Terrain drilling system, which delivers more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class, resulting in unbeatable productivity in the widest range of ground formations.

Basic Specifications

  • Engine: 200hp Cummins
  • Pullback: 17,900kgs
  • Rotational Torque (Outer): 5,000ft/lbs
  • Rotational Torque (Inner): 2,000ft/lbs
  • Spindle Speed (Outer): 240rpm
  • Spindle Speed (Inner): 250rpm
  • Mud Pump: 120gpm
JT100 All Terrain Directional Drills

It's serious business when you need a rock-drilling machine as big as the JT100 All Terrain, so you expect some serious power. The JT100 All Terrain delivers, with 44,640kgs of pullback supported by a monstrous, 260-hp (200-kW) engine. Because all of this earth-shaking power requires some serious stability, the JT100 All Terrain is equipped with an exclusive dual-pivot drill frame that allows the entry angles you need without compromising stability, or operator comfort while drilling.

Basic Specifications

  • Engine: 260hp Cummins
  • Pullback: 44,640kgs (100,000 lbs)
  • Rotational Torque (Outer): 12,000ft/lbs
  • Rotational Torque (Inner): 2,000ft/lbs
  • Spindle Speed (Outer): 210rpm
  • Spindle Speed (Inner): 270rpm
  • Mud Pump: 120gpm