Zahn R300 Power Unit


The Ditch Witch ZAHN R300 is the best compact Trencher ever made - and also the best backhoe, tool carrier and vibratory plough. With an ordinary machine with attachments, you expect to give up a little performance. But the ZAHN R300 is nowhere near ordinary. With its unique Interchange connection, the front end becomes the machine and performs like a dedicated unit. With the ZAHN R300 you get more power, more speed and, best of all, more productivity. The ZAHN R300 is available as a Rubber Tyred or Rubber Tracked unit.

Basic Specifications

  • Engine: 30hp Kohler Petrol
  • Power Unit Weight: 585 kgs
  • Power Unit Width: 915mm
  • Power Unit Length: 1.78 metres
The Zahn Trencher


With its power, compact size and superior articulating ability, the ZAHN Trencher can trench a curve around a golf green/tee, building or garden as easily as it can trench a straight line. The ZAHN Trencher transcends ordinary performance and enters a new realm of trenching.

Basic Specifications

  • Trench Widths: 102mm to 305mm
  • Trench Depths: 0 to 1.22m
  • Attachment Weight: 210 kgs approx.
  • Attachment Width: 775mm
  • Total Length: 3.20 metres approx.
The Zahn Vibratory Plough


The ZAHN Vibratory Plough is a utility contractors dream come true. With its extraordinary power, remarkable articulating ability and lightweight, compact size, you can install utility and communications cable and ducting in tight spaces, around troublesome obstacles and under delicate turf.

Basic Specifications

  • Pipe Diameter: Up to 63mm
  • Pipe Depths: Up to 457mm
  • Attachment Weight: 158 kgs
  • Attachment Width: 457mm
  • Total Length: 2.66 metres
The Zahn Dumper


Worried about moving large amounts of material with a compact machine? Take a load off your mind. Both the small and large ZAHN Dumpers feature extremely durable, all steel tubs that can handle rock, gravel, concrete, demolition debris and every conceivable type of jobsite material.

Basic Specifications

  • Payload Capacity: 817/1,360 kgs
  • Attachment Weight: 191/419 kgs
  • Attachment Width: 889mm
  • Total Length: 2.21/2.62 metres
the Zahn Backhoe


The highly productive ZAHN Backhoe features a flat bottom depth of more than 1.52 metres, so it can do the work of a mini-excavator while working in tight spaces and with greater mobility. The backhoe is controlled from the operators station, which reduces operator fatigue and improves visibility.

Basic Specifications

  • Backhoe Reach: 102mm to 305mm
  • Backhoe Depth: 0 to 1.22m
  • Attachment Weight: 421kgs
  • Attachment Width: 902mm
  • Total Length: 2.79 metres
The Zahn Stump Grinder


With the ZAHN Stump Grinder, it doesn't matter where the stump is. With its maneuverable 4 wheel drive tyres, narrow width and the power units incredible articulation, the ZAHN Stump Grinder can get into position fast and make short work of stumps up to 610mm high and 914mm in diameter.

Basic Specifications

  • Cutting Width: 76mm
  • Cutting Diameter: 508mm
  • Attachment Weight: 200kgs
  • Attachment Width: 508mm
  • Total Length: 2.76 metres
The Zahn Tiller


At only 914mm wide, the ZAHN Tiller can easily pass through a standard yard gate and maneuver in the tightest spaces. Both the R230 & R300 supply plenty of power to prepare the toughest of soils and the tillers offset capability enables the operator to confidently till right next to a fence or wall.

Basic Specifications

  • Cutting Width: 765mm
  • Attachment Weight: 200kgs
  • Attachment Width: 914mm
  • Total Length: 2.33 metres
The Zahn Tool Carrier


With a front-end tool carrier, the R230 and R300 are the most versatile members of the ZAHN Family. The low and high lift tool carriers are capable of driving more than 40 quick-change attachments and with the ZAHN’s elevated platform, you’ll have a birds eye view of the task at hand.

Basic Specifications

  • Attachment Weight: 124/182 kgs
  • Attachment Width: 584mm
  • Total Length: 2.01/2.32 metres
The Zahn R150 Dedicated Trencher


The ZAHN R150 is a platform-ridden articulated trencher, that is capable of trenching around golf greens/tees, building or garden as easily as it can trench straight. The design concentrates weight on the digging chain, so it penetrates the ground easier. The R150 is also available with a Headshaft or Independent Auger.

Basic Specifications

  • Engine: 15hp Honda iGX440 Petrol
  • Trench Widths: 102mm to 203mm
  • Trench Depths: 0 to 915mm
  • Weight: 675 kgs approx.
  • Machine Width: 915mm
Zahn R230/300 Trencher


More Power, more Productivity, more Speed. Simply put the ZAHN is the absolute greatest trencher ever made, and that says a lot from the company that invented the trencher. The ZAHN R230 is powered by a 23hp engine and its big brother is the R300 with a 30hp engine. Both can be configured as a 2-wheel drive dedicated trencher or as a 4-wheel drive machine with the ability to fit numerous other attachments.

Basic Specifications

  • Engine: 23/30hp Kohler Petrol
  • Trench Widths: 102mm to 305mm
  • Trench Depths: 0 to 1.22m
  • Weight: 650 to 890kgs approx.
  • Machine Width: 915mm