The Compact Fluted HD Backreamer is built with heavy-duty features like integrated swivel options and replaceable hardened-steel nozzles for greater fluid distribution and flow flexibility. Its heavy-cast body and tapered base compact soils to provide smooth pushback capability and easier product installation. Featuring an improved cutting structure, hardened carbide teeth and spiral-fluted design, the Compact Fluted HD delivers the best performance in hard, compacted ground conditions, including chuck rock and cobble. Used for cutting and compacting the hole in medium to tough soil conditions. Nozzles over the entire body provide good mixing action and efficient lubrication in the soil.

Conditions vary. Your results don’t.


Its name says it all. The Kodiak is the ultimate backreamer for challenging conditions. Designed for extreme soils like rock, chunk rock and cobble, its spiraling flutes allow for cuttings and fluid to flow behind the reamer over the product. It also features an improved plate design and tapered tail end to better accommodate pushing back.


With its low-weight design and low-resistance profile, the Beavertail allows for more efficient fluid-mixing capabilities downhole, requiring less horsepower for rotation. It features a replaceable, hardened-steel Allen-head nozzle for flow flexibility and consistent carbide Shark® teeth for improved life.


The Warthog’s dynamic cutting structure is designed to reduce drag and use lower torque pressures downhole for superior backreaming efficiency. Its carbide-reinforced Shark teeth carve through everything from hard, compacted soils to sandstone and shale. Along with its box design, allowing for flexibility in setting up ideal configurations, the Warthog features a through-flow shaft to accommodate stacking reamers for increased production.


Engineered to improve longevity in a variety of drilling conditions, the Ditch Witch® Rock Monster™ HD Backreamer features EdgeGuard™ protection, which increases bit life by protecting the seal and bearing. Patented High Energy Tumbling (HET™) inserts provide fracture toughness and wear resistance. The durable design maximizes weight on the bit, increasing productivity and performance. Plus, the Rock Monster is available with interchangeable nozzles in multiple sizes so you can customize fluid flow and maximize your effectiveness.


The Sandhog Backreamer is a triple-action backreamer designed for aggressive cutting, mixing and packing giving you the best-prepared bore path for pullback in sandy and soft soils. Strategically engineered to cut the hole to allow the barrel-shaped body to compact true to size and give maximum capacity for fluid flow for product pullback in unstable soil conditions.


The Swab Backreamer is designed for direct pullback for All-Terrain drills in rocky and hard soils. This backreamer directly connects to All-Terrain drill pipe without the use of connectors, increasing productivity and jobsite efficiency


Designed for direct connections to the EZ connect assembly, this backreamer is simple, effective and fast-connecting tool for small diameter installations in soft to medium-hard soil conditions.


Utilising high-performance components to extend life and featuring a new clevis design, our flange swivel options eliminate the need for multiple connections between the reamer and product. They also position the product closer to the reamer, reducing the possibility of binding


By regulating and directing the fluid flow in backreamers and beacon housings, Ditch Witch nozzles play an essential role in maximising the efficiency of your Ditch Witch directional drill. We offer a wide variety of nozzles—with varying flows and pressures—to meet virtually any application. Whether they are manufactured from heat-treated steel or fabricated with carbide inserts, Ditch Witch nozzles are made to withstand the rigorous conditions downhole. Ask your Ditch Witch dealer for the best nozzle type and configuration for your soil conditions.

Ditch Witch nozzle orifice sizes range from .070 to .209 inches and are available in either single-jet, dual-jet, angled-jet, or plug configurations.


A weak link can cripple your entire jobsite. That's why you can't skimp on important components like pullers, swivels and tabs. Ditch Witch® one-piece pullers provide a reliable connection you can count on bore after bore. Our swivels are built to last up to four times longer than aftermarket counterparts. And our pulling tabs are made from hardened steel and tested to perform up to the demanding Ditch Witch standards.