The powerful, compact MT9 micro-trencher offers a cost-effective solution for installing fiber-optic cable in residential areas. Ideal for tight, confined spaces, it features an industry-first design that allows operators to either push or pull the machine, keeping the saw in the ground for minimal ground disturbance and quicker completion. Plus, utility contractors could get up to 20 times the lifespan on their blades with the patent-pending PDC Fiberblade™. All components of the system are designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organisation to work together with unbeatable productivity and quick, efficient street crossings.


The Ditch Witch MT12 MicroTrencher offers underground contractors a highly cost-effective solution for installing fibre-optic cable along paved rights-of-way. Witch its unique saw blades, the MT12 cleanly slices through asphalt to create the ideal trench for this application in one quick, efficient pass. The MT12 is part of a complete microtrenching system, the components of which are all designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organisation to work together with unbeatable efficiency.


The innovative and powerful Ditch Witch MT16 microtrencher delivers clean, precise cuts through asphalt or concrete, helping utility contractors install fibre-optic cable along paved rights-of-way with ease. The MT16 reduces jobsite cost-per-foot compared to traditional installation methods with its unique saw blades and durable design. Compact yet construction-grade, the versatile MT16 is able to take on a variety of tough jobs in tight spaces. It is part of a complete microtrenching system, available for the Ditch Witch RT55 and RT80 ride-on trenchers, and for an FX65 vacuum excavator to handle dry, dusty spoils. All components of the system are designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organization to work together with unbeatable efficiency.


With its high-flotation tires, the 100SX walk-behind vibratory plow gives you all the traction you need without manhandling the turf. And its Briggs & Stratton® XR 2100 Series engine gives you the necessary power without assaulting your ears, because the 100SX vibratory plow is designed to keep noise and vibration where they belong—below the surface.


The Ditch Witch VP30 vibratory plow is the ideal, cost-effective solution for residential fiber installation, cable and lawn irrigation in tight spaces. This compact powerhouse is equipped with a 31-hp (23-kw) engine, making it the most powerful unit in its size class. The VP30 is easy to use and low maintenance for enhanced productivity and increased uptime. Plus, the machine is equipped with heavy-duty, adjustable plow blades to meet fibre installation-depth requirements and improve longevity.


The innovative design of the Zahn R300 tool carrier means you don’t have to sacrifice power for versatility. With both the high- and low-lift models, you’ll get maximum productivity from the dozens of available quick-change compact utility attachments. And with the Zahn’s elevated platform, you'll have a bird’s-eye view of the task at hand.


Start your jobs strong. Finish stronger with the 1CM concrete mixer attachment, perfect for the reinstatement of trenches with concrete, grout or other flowable products. This exclusive mixer features a 100-gallon/half-yard (378-L) mixing tank, adjustable hopper chute and electric vibrations for smooth material flow.


Nothing lets you tackle more types of terrain than the extraordinarily productive, powerful and stable RT125 Quad. Its massive undercarriage, superior Quad Track System and three-speed, shift-on-the-fly transmission combine to handle whatever the jobsite throws at you. Its newly redesigned operator’s station, with comfort features including an ergonomic, swivel operator seat and controls console, and increased legroom, keeps you more productive. With the RT125 Quad, nothing slows you down.


Maximise performance and your return on investment with the Ditch Witch C24X Walk-Behind Trencher. Our exclusive CX Track design delivers better traction and maneuverability in a more compact design for tighter jobsites. Responsive, easy-to-use touch controls provide smoother operation. And superior serviceability—a simple, open design for easy access and no daily grease points to worry about—means less maintenance time to keep your C24X rental-ready. Get proven Ditch Witch reliability in the latest, patent-pending track design: only with the C24X.


When you find yourself in a tight space with a tight deadline, the JT5 is your HDD solution. Bury service cables & pipes, then head to the next job, no costly restoration of lawns, roads or pavements. All components of the rugged, efficient JT5 are part of a comprehensive drilling system designed to work together, so you can get big-time production from this little powerhouse.


The new Ditch Witch JT10 horizontal directional drill, boasts unbeatable power in a compact, yet sturdy frame for easy transportation and improved maneuverability on tight jobsites. Powered by a Tier 4, 66-hp Deutz® diesel engine, the machine is the most powerful drill in its class. It offers 4,465kgs of pullback force, providing the advanced strength and power of bigger drills, combined with the simplicity and easy operation of a compact machine. An innovative design incorporates advanced features of larger drill machines, including a heavy-duty anchor system, open-top vise wrenches and integrated remote display. A redesigned operator's station smooths operation with a single joystick and is equipped with an ergonomic traversing seat for increased jobsite visibility and comfort on the job.


Designed for small-scale landscape and irrigation jobs, the Ditch Witch SK600 mini skid steer is only 850mm width, for better maneuverability in tight, compact spaces. The small, yet mighty machine delivers industry-leading power to the attachment for enhanced jobsite productivity and versatility. A redesigned, ergonomic operator's station with optimised hydraulics offers the smoothest ride in the industry so operators stay comfortable and productive for long hours on the job. Built for heavy-duty operation, the construction-grade design improves machine durability and longevity and overall machine Return on Investment.


When your jobsites demand long-lasting durability and performance, you need the Ditch Witch SK800—the perfect mini skid steer for a variety of jobs large and small. This construction-grade machine is built for heavy-duty operation on a range of utility, landscaping and other underground construction tasks, giving you maximum power and durability while increasing your Return on Investment. The toughest challenges are no match for the versatile SK800.


Ideally suited for a variety of demanding jobsites, the Ditch Witch SK1050 mini skid steer improves versatility and productivity by directing more hydraulic power to the attachment. The durable, construction-grade design eases operator maintenance for improved Return on Investment, and outperforms all other working machines in its class. Designed specifically for the hardworking operator in mind, the best-in-class, spring-supported operator platform improves comfort for long hours on the job.


The most powerful mini skid steer in our lineup, the Ditch Witch SK1550 delivers more muscle to a wide range of jobs like tree handling and sod transfer. The construction-grade SK1550 does what other machines can’t, quickly and effectively. Powered by a 44-hp Tier 4, Yanmar® engine with an incredible 2,019kg tipping capacity, this machine brings the brawn and productivity to every jobsite. The SK1550 is an all-around powerhouse, minimizing your downtime and increasing your Return on Investment, making it the ultimate member of any crew.